Carol McIntyre: Falling into the abyss and finding your true nature


Our focus will be on your present situation, with an emphasis on your dream or vision, what exites you, your passion or sense of purpose for your life.Our goal will be to focus on a clear and specific objective, to identify measurable steps that both move you forward and to resonate with the nature of your being. We will look at the obstacles that the saboteur so quickly uses as reasons not to realize the dream. We will focus on making a commitment and taking direct action from that space. The focus will be on the process of working with intentionality for the dream to be realized.

Sessions are offered in person in Santa Rosa, Calif or Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Sessions are also offered by phone or skype. For more information on this program call 707.575.1520 or email:


Tending the Creative Fires

A retreat focused on deep listening, a sense of curiosity, living more from intuition and self management. During our time together over a three day period of time, we will focus on deepening the dialogue with the symbolic realm and living from that place of being within our daily lives. We will use group dialogue and listening, movement, music, and art projects to illuminate the fire tending. There will be time focused on the saboteur and how it throws obstacles and blocks up in order to slow down or stop the transformational aspects of creativity.

Intensives will be offered at various sights in New Mexico. They are residential programs. Programs will begin on Friday late afternoon and end Sunday evening.

For more information on this program call 707.575.1520 or email:



Tending the Creative Fires in the Workplace

This will be offered to business’ who want to do team and trust building using Creativity as the vehicle. We will focus on the synergy that takes place within a group environment. Groups will focus on the mind/body relationship and how it affects the creative flow. There will be trust building and team building exercises as well as hands on creative work. The participants will learn to drop roles and the stories of their life to be more present and connected to the creative flow.

For more information on this program call 707.575.1520 or email:


Sunday Open Studio, Santa Fe, NM

Sunday Open Studio is held at The Creative Space Santa Fe, 1807 Second St., #83. Cost is $30 per person, sliding scale.

To check availablility and reserve a space in this program, call 505.819.7967 or email:


October 4 – 6, 2013

Save the date: workshop coming up October 4th – 6th, 2013. Cost is $305.00. Early registration discount of $35 if you sign up by Sept. 4.

For more information about this program, call 505.819.7967 or email: