Carol McIntyre: Falling into the adyss and finding your true nature

On this journey of allowing and discovering the inner life, the symbolic realm, it can be a time of such aloneness, a desert experience. A coach can provide an extra set of eyes and ears. It may allow something very different to be heard or thought of while being listened to by that person. A coach can accompany you through all of the different terrains you must navigate to the core of your being.

It’s an outer voice that may hear something a little different than the one doing the reporting. There may be just enough difference in the new view point to allow the person to move through the block.

It allows the two to become thought partners. When blocks come up it helps to have another person waiting in the background to bring new energy to the situation.

Listening to the inner voice, the voice of intuition, takes patience and spaceousness that is somewhat difficult to find in our busy working and child raising lives.

Knowing there is someone who cares that you find the time and is willing to show up and listen with interest andconcern, helps you remember how to do it for yourself.


Let yourself be silently drawn by the stronger pull of what you do. ~Rumi