Carol McIntyre: Following the red threadof one's life

Carol McIntyreI am very excited to share my thoughts with everyone interested in creativity, painting, life coaching and the deep feminine. This has been an ongoing journey for 33 years, through higher education and training in various modalities. Using James F.T. Bugental’s methods of searching and a Jungian framework for depth psychology, I began a very long search for my own wholeness. Along the way I became a therapist and guide for others as they began their own journeys. For 27 years I was a marriage and family therapist in private practice in Santa Rosa, California. In 2007, I retired as a therapist and group leader working with the Residency Program at UCSF Medical School, where I facilitated personal and support groups for Doctors in their three year program. As part of being semi retired I began training, in January of 2008, to be a certified Personal and Life Coach with a specialty in Creativity. I have been training with the College of Executive Coaching to become a certified Personal and Life Coach.

During the last twenty years I have focused on a path in search of the deep feminine. I have made many pilgrimages to the Black Madonnas in Europe, South America, Austraila and the United States. These journeys have opened my heart to the creative flow. Writing, painting, collage, mosaic and other forms of creativity have allowed me access to the symbolic realm. My passion has been realized in painting, to which I have devoted 19 years as a process painter using Michele Cassou’s guidance and counsel.

For this next phase of life, my husband Bob and I have moved part time to Santa Fe, New Mexico. I continue to work with people as a Personal and Life Coach on the phone, on Skype, and in person. This creative atmosphere, and big skies, provide an opportunity to live a creative life in a personal way on a daily basis.